Title: Princess K’Gari’s Fraser Island : a history of Fraser Island /​ Fred Williams.

Cover subtitle: Fraser Island’s definitive history

Author: Fred Williams

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This book presents a look behind the scenes and at the events that destroyed a people – the Traditional Owners of Fraser Island – yet created European industries important to Australia and employment for many folks in Hervey Bay and Maryborough regions. The author provides an account of the pioneering days of industry on the island from bullock teams to steam trains and horses, the rafting of logs to the sawmills. Then came mechanisation, bulldozers, multi-drive trucks and bigger vessels to ship the logs to the mills. During World-War II the Z Force trained on the Island.

Then from their first footprint in 1971 the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) was appointed to manage the NEWLY APPOINTED Northern-end National Park. To the author’s mind it was a down-hill run from here ‘the beginning of the end’ for Fraser Island. Over the next two decades with the assistance of FIDO in management. The QPWS it seems turned Fraser Island from a Paradise to a devastated playground for up to 500,000+ tourists per annum with their 4WD’s. The community now has to pay huge access fees now to visit. A hard-hitting comment on the situation the dingoes find themselves in under the management of QPWS.

It appears by 2001 the first TRAGIC HUMAN DEATH (OVER FOOD DEPRIVATIONS UPON DINGOES) of a nine-year-old-boy Clinton Gage was at Waddy Point by starving dingoes. NO CORONIAL INQUIRY WAS EVER CONDUCTED.

The book has almost 300 Images, many of them never published before and a collection of funniest dingo themed cartoons/gags THAT ALLOW US TO LAUGH AT OUR OWN STUPIDLY FROM THE PENCIL OF A WELL-KNOWN local artist that published them weekly – prior to the Department/Government it seems seeking to clamp-down or control our freedom of speech and publicity comments or well-meaning suggestions from the community/residents in newspapers and books as well as preventing prosecution of the Department for animal cruelty to dingoes – by controlling the jurisdiction of the RSPCA on Fraser Island.




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