Loss of Historical Outbuildings of Central Station except the information centre (Part of ex School)


Demolition and destruction of historical outbuildings combined with clearing destroyd much of the flora and fauna habitat noted by (Taylor, Canberra Times October 14, 1992, Geissler, 1998) Journalist published article SYDNEY MAIL APRIL 1, 1925 describes the Bird Life then being as, “Very rich in birds“. It seems it now offers poor unacceptable tourism management resulted in needless disastrous ecological sterilising.


With their very brief visit to K’Gari (Williams 1985, 2002) – Fraser Island, it’s perhaps essential to note that no matter what the current manager or Mr. John Sinclair’s hosting may or may not inform our Royal guests: With the greatest respect the fact is Sinclair remains a professional Organiser (Sinclair 1977) ostracised by his own local community and takes the full credit for stopping the sandmining and timber industry on Fraser Island, without having had an initial plan  ‘for  broader ecological matters’ (Powell 1998), they remain like his ‘secret peace deal’ with the Goss Government in 1990’s – clouded’ – In some way he Marshalled Protestors claiming he represented ‘the public interest’. 

When the protestors stooped to dirty dangerous guerrilla warfare type tactics Sinclair fell silent.

Now the Queen has an interest in trees and the canopy, with the Queensland Forestry Department lost management role gone, its feared likely the ‘Royals’ will not be learning the truth about Fraser Island – that cost all Australians an unquantifiable amount.

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